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17 Sep 2013, 22:53# 1

Abro este Post para ir haciendo una lista entre [email protected] de las aplicaciones y juegos que son y no son compatibles con IAPFree, LocalIAPStore y similares (descargables desde Cydia), y que sirven para comprar (IAP = In App Purchase) dentro de las aplicaciones y los juegos sin tener que pagar. Ni que decir tiene que para poder usar dichos programas de Cydia, hay que tener el Jailbreak hecho y, lógicamente, conexión a Internet.

El uso de estos programas es muy sencillo, tan sólo hay que instalar alguno (o varios) de ellos desde Cydia. Después, dentro del juego, comprar algo y, cuando salga el mensaje para ir a la AppStore, darle al botón de cancelar.

Las compras ofrecen mejoras, vidas, monedas, eliminar publicidad e, incluso, desbloquear totalmente la aplicación o juego para tener su versión Full (completa).



[X] ArtStudio
[ ] Awesome Camera
[X] Camera+
[ ] CoachGuitar
[ ] Cubie Messenger
[X] Downloader & Private Browser
[X] Easy Writer Lite
[ ] Edjing
[X] Elf Reader
[X] EverMemo
[ ] Evernote
[X] Evernote Penultimate (compras en la Papelería)
[X] Flame Painter
[ ] Foxit Mobile PDF
[X] FriendCaster
[X] iDiary
[X] IM+
[X] iTranslate
[X] Karaoke Kids
[ ] KyBook
[X] Lazy Town JukeBox
[ ] Minipedia
[X] MoliPlayer HD
[X] Musyc
[ ] My Dashboard
[ ] NARR8
[X] OliveOffice
[X] OOReader
[X] Paper by FiftyThree
[X] Plasticine Master Classes for Kids
[X] Photo Investigator
[X] PicShop Lite - Photo Editor
[X] Planet Tales (Planeta Cuentos)
[X] ProTuber
[X] Pupitre (Santillana)
[X] ¿Qué cocino hoy?
[X] SlideShark
[X] SoundCloud
[X] Textilus
[X] Villancicos Karaoke
[X] Zamurai
[X] Zumba Dance


[X] 1941: Frozen Front
[X] A Shark Tornado
[X] Abyss Attack
[X] Activision Anthology
[X] Adventure Town
[X] Agent Dash
[X] Aio Goes Home
[X] Airworld
[X] Alice in Wordland
[ ] Alicia en el País de las Maravillas: Un nuevo héroe
[ ] Alien Apocalyse X
[X] Aliens Like Milk
[X] All Stars Obstacle Course
[ ] Allies in War
[X] Amazing Garden Flow
[X] Ancient Slots: Temple of Gold
[ ] Angry Birds GO!
[X] Angry King Kong
[ ] Animal Legends: Battle!
[X] AntiSquad
[ ] Apoc Wars
[X] AR Defender 2 (Parcial)
[X] Astérix: MegaSlap
[X] Astral Masters
[X] Astro Slice
[X] Atari's Greatest Hits
[ ] Avengers Alliance
[X] Aviation Empire
[X] Backroom Escape: Dead Space
[X] Backroom Horror Story: Ghost in the Grave Deluxe
[X] Bad Piggies
[ ] Baseball Slam
[ ] Be a Legend - Football
[X] Beetle Breaker
[X] Beevolution
[ ] Belly Bumpers: Tribal Warfare
[X] Bibo Monsters
[ ] Bingo PartyLand
[X] Big Action: Mega Fight!
[X] Black Water: Duty Calls
[X] Block Crush
[X] Block Slide Rush
[X] Blockheads
[X] Blockolicious
[ ] Boom!
[X] Boom Boom Hamster Golf
[ ] Bouncy Bug
[X] Bowling Friends
[X] Brave Ghost
[X] Braveheart
[ ] Bubble Mania
[X] Building the Great Wall of China HD
[X] Bullet Time
[X] C64: Elite Colección
[X] Call of arena
[X] Call of Duty: Strike Team
[ ] Candy Crush Saga
[X] Candy Dash
[X] Captain Clumsy
[X] Castle Rider
[ ] CastleVille Legends
[X] Cat Hero HD
[X] Cat in a Diet
[X] Catch the Candy
[X] Caveman Glider: Dinosaur Hunter World HD
[X] Cerebrados
[ ] Champ Man
[ ] Charades pop
[X] Charm King
[ ] Chick-A-Boom
[X] Chicken Boy
[ ] Clans of Heroes
[ ] Clash of Clans
[X] Click the Bolt
[X] Clouds & Sheep
[ ] Combat Monsters
[X] Comic Book Hero
[ ] Contract Killer - Zombies 2: Origins
[X] Cordy 2
[X] Cover Orange 2
[X] Cowboy Guns
[X] Crazy Dogs
[X] Crazy Fighting Offline
[X] Crazy Ropes
[X] Crazytarium
[X] Croco Slam
[X] Crucigramas
[X] Cubis Creatures
[X] Cut the Rope 2
[ ] Cut the Rope: Experiments FREE
[X] Dark District (Sector Sombra)
[ ] Dawn of the Dragons
[X] Dead Trigger
[ ] Defense Witches
[X] Dhoom:3 - The Game
[X] Dino Safari 2
[X] Dirt Masters
[X] Do Not Disturb! - The Grumpy Virtual Pet Marmot
[X] Dog Monster
[X] Dominoes
[X] Dragon Finga
[X] Dragon Flick!!
[X] Dragon Season
[ ] Drainworks
[X] Duckers
[X] Dudu Rush
[X] Dungeon Crisis
[ ] Dungeon & Dragons: Arena of War
[X] Dwarven Den
[X] Dwice
[X] Early Bird!
[ ] Early Bird and Friends
[X] Easy Gems
[X] Eenies at War
[X] Egg Baby
[X] Electric Tentacle
[X] Elementalist
[X] Endless Road
[ ] Ention Wars
[ ] Epic Empire
[X] Escape the Titanic
[X] Everyday Spelunker
[ ] Eyes Attack
[X] Fail Hard
[X] Fairy Farm
[ ] Fairy Kingdom
[ ] Fairy Tale City
[X] Fallin' Egg
[ ] Fantasy Town
[X] Farm Family
[ ] Farm Story 2
[ ] Fashion Design World
[X] Feed the Dragon
[ ] FIFA 14
[X] Find a Path
[X] Find the Princess Plus
[X] Firefly Escape
[ ] Fish Party Online
[ ] Flick Kick Football Legends
[X] Flight Fight
[X] Flip the Switch
[X] Flow Free: Bridges
[X] Fluid Football
[ ] Fluid Football VS
[X] Fly Attack
[X] Flying Fox
[X] Flying Wizards
[X] Football Goalkeeper: World League Cup (Soccer)
[X] Freezing Bird
[X] Fright Fight
[X] Fright Heights
[X] From A To B
[ ] Frontline Commando: D-Day
[X] Frozen: Free Fall
[X] Fruit'n Goblins
[X] Fruits Heroes
[X] Fruity Jelly
[X] Fumbies: The Cloud Creatures
[X] Funky Smugglers
[ ] Funpark Friends Deluxe
[X] Galaxy World
[X] Game About Flight
[ ] Game of Tanks
[X] Garden Mania Saga
[ ] Garfield Kart
[X] Garfield Tycoon
[ ] Garfield's Pet Hospital
[X] Garfield's Wild Ride
[X] Gemibears
[X] Gibbets 2
[ ] Goblin Defenders: Steel 'n' Wood
[X] Goop Escape
[ ] Graal Online Classic
[ ] Graal Online Classic +
[X] Gravity Orange 2
[ ] Greedy Jump
[X] Green Jelly
[X] Groovy Hero
[X] Grumpy: Super Deluxe Virtual Pet
[X] Guns'N'Glory: Heroes
[X] Guns'N'Glory: Zombies
[X] Halloween Pinball
[X] Hambo Begins
[X] Hamster Roll
[X] Hangman - The Classic Word Game
[X] Happy Forest
[X] Happy Hills 2: Bombs Away!
[X] Happy Park
[ ] Happy Street
[X] Harrier Toy
[X] He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe
[ ] Heroes Call
[ ] Heroes of Camelot
[X] Heroes of Steel
[X] Hexi
[X] Hills of Glory 3D
[X] Hot! Candy
[X] House Pest - Starring Fiasco the Cat
[X] How to Link Together
[X] Hungry Shark Evolution
[X] Hurricane Rush
[X] Ice Driver
[X] Icy Tower
[X] Icy Tower 2
[X] Icy Tower 2: Temple Jump
[X] Icy Tower 2: Zombie Jump
[X] iCycle: On Thin Ice
[ ] Iron Force
[X] Iron Hero: Collision
[X] Illusia 2: Melody of Dream
[X] Ins and Outs
[X] iWarehouse
[X] Jedi Run: Runaway Adventure HD
[X] Jelly Fit
[X] Jelly Glutton
[X] Jelly Splash
[ ] Jet Car Stunts 2
[X] Jetbee - Ready set... GO!
[X] Jetpack High
[X] Jetpack Joyride
[X] Jewel Galaxy
[X] Jewel Jumper
[X] Jewel Quest
[X] Jewels Bird Rescue
[X] Juice Cubes
[X] Jungle Rumble
[X] Jungle Style Pinball
[ ] Kamikaze Pigs
[X] Kart Run: Magical Travel
[ ] King of Legend
[ ] Kingdom of Pirates
[ ] Kiwi Dash
[ ] Klansy
[X] Kumo Lumo
[X] Kung Fu Bugs 2
[X] Lane Splitter
[ ] Lara Croft: Reflections
[X] Layton Brothers: Mystery Room
[X] Legendary Heroes
[X] Lep's World 2
[X] Lep's World 3
[X] Lep's World 3 - Free
[X] Let Me Loose
[X] Let's Go Run
[X] Letris 3
[X] Lili
[X] Linkies: Puzzle Rush
[X] Little Amazon
[X] Little Boat: River Rush
[X] Los exploradores del mundo perdido
[X] Lost Head
[ ] Lost in Baliboo
[ ] Lost Island HD
[X] Lunacraft
[X] Magic Carpet: SpellCraft Effect HD
[X] Magic Orbz
[ ] Man Witch
[X] Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign
[ ] Matching with Friends (no intentarlo)
[X] Max Awesome
[X] Maze Crusade
[X] MC-Slender (Slender Craft)
[X] Medieval Wars: Strategy & Tactics
[X] Meet Your Mate
[X] Mega Dead Pixel
[X] Mega Jump
[ ] Megapolis
[X] Mercenary of Fortune
[ ] Mezcladitos
[X] Mighty Piggy
[X] Mijnlieff
[X] Mimpi
[X] Miner Problem
[X] Mini Ninjas
[ ] Mini Showdown
[X] Moe Dance
[X] Moe Moe Tower (Tiny RayS)
[ ] Monopoly Slots
[X] Monsta! Brick Breaker
[X] Monster Legacy
[ ] Monster Legends
[X] Monster Mansion
[ ] MonsterWorld
[X] Mr. Eggs
[X] Mr. Tigon
[ ] My First Dog (My Dogs)
[ ] My Golf 3D
[X] My Mobit
[ ] My Singing Monsters
[X] My Virtual Girlfriend
[X] My Virtual Pet
[X] MyMine
[ ] Mystical Legends: Card Battle RPG
[ ] Myth
[X] Namco Arcade
[X] Neon Rope Cut
[X] New Yankee in King Arthur's Court (Free)
[X] New Yankee in King Arthur's Court 2 (Free)
[X] Ninja Chaos
[X] Ninja Hero Cats
[X] Ninja Ponk
[X] Nitro Chimp
[ ] Nomasaurus Rex
[X] Nun Attack: Run & Gun
[X] Outlaw (Atari)
[X] Panda Jam
[ ] Panda? Panda
[X] Panda Jump HD
[X] Panda Spin Hero
[X] Papa Pear Saga (sólo funciona una vez)
[ ] Park Exp
[X] PBA Bowling Challenge
[X] Pearl Pop: Rescue of the Sea Animals
[X] Peggle
[X] Penalty: Football Championship (Soccer)
[X] Pet Pop
[X] Petogotchi
[ ] Phoenix Nest
[X] Piggly
[X] Pitfall!
[X] Pixel People
[X] Pizza Riders
[ ] Plants vs Zombies 2: It's About Time
[X] Playground Wars
[X] Plight of the Zombie
[ ] Plug the Wire 2
[X] Pocket Climber
[X] Pocket God: Ooga Jump
[X] Pocket Minions
[X] Pocket Trains
[ ] Pocket Trucks
[ ] Pocket Village
[X] Pong World
[X] Pop to Save
[X] Poppy Kart
[X] Pou
[ ] Prehistoric Park
[X] Pretentious Game
[X] Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame
[X] Punch Quest
[ ] Purple Cape
[X] Push the Box FREE
[ ] Puzzle Pirates
[X] Puzzle Retreat
[ ] Rad Soldiers
[X] Ragdoll Blaster 3 Deluxe
[ ] Rail Rush
[X] Rainbow Team
[X] Rayman: Fiesta Run
[X] RC Racer Nikko
[X] Reaper: Tale of a Pale Swordman
[ ] ReKillers
[X] Rescue Me: The Lost World
[ ] Ring Toss Arcade
[X] Rob n Roll
[X] Robo Corp
[ ] RoboCop
[X] Robot Robbie's Jetpack Adventure
[X] Rock Runner
[X] Rolling Hero
[X] Rolling Race
[X] Rolling Star HD
[X] Rollo and Lost Monsters
[X] Romans from Mars
[X] Room Break: Escape Now!!
[X] Rotation Station
[X] RPG Reon - Estrategy Defense
[ ] Rummi Plus
[ ] Run Sheldon
[ ] RunnerCraft
[X] Running Dead
[X] Rynth Island
[X] Santa's Village
[X] Save the Furries
[ ] Save the Puppies
[X] Scooter Boy
[ ] Seabirds
[X] Sensei Wars
[X] Sinclair ZX Spectrum - 100 Greatest Hits HD - Lite
[X] Siren Fantasia
[ ] Ski Challenge 14
[X] Skylanders: Lost Islands
[X] Sleighrunner
[X] Small Geek Street Online
[X] Smash It! Witch Adventure
[ ] Smile Plants
[X] Snail Derby: Race, Speed Up & Win!
[X] Snail Tale HD
[X] Snoopy Coaster
[X] Snoopy's Candy Town
[X] Snow Spin - Snowboarding Adventure
[X] Soccer+: Real Football Champions
[X] Soccer Moves
[X] Sonic Dash
[X] Space Chicks
[X] Spacelings
[X] Spin Master Bowling
[X] SpinCraft
[ ] SpongeBob Moves In (Construye con Bob Esponja)
[X] Squids: Wild West
[ ] Stack Rabbit
[X] Star Ranger
[ ] Star Wars: Tiny Death Star
[X] Stickman Soccer
[X] StonTrix
[X] Storm of Magic
[X] Storm the Train
[ ] Strength in Numbers
[X] Subway Surfers
[ ] Sugar Roll!
[ ] Sunshine Bay
[X] Super Knights
[X] Super World Adventures
[X] Super Zombie Slots
[X] SuperLevelUp!
[ ] Supernauts
[X] Swarm of the Dead
[X] Table Top Racing
[ ] Tales Master
[X] Talking Ginger
[ ] Tank Nation
[ ] Tap Paradise Cove
[X] Tarzan Unleashed
[X] Temple Run 2
[X] Temple Tour
[X] Terra Noctis: Free Dreaming
[X] The CATch!
[ ] The Croods
[ ] The Deep Pinball
[X] The House of the Death: Overkill - The Lost Reels
[ ] The Hunger Games Adventures
[X] The Jolly Gang's Spooky Adventure HD
[ ] The Lone Ranger (El Llanero Solitario)
[X] The Night od Aphids HD
[X] The Oregon Trail: American Settler
[ ] The Sandbox
[X] The Tribez
[ ] Thor: The Dark World
[X] Thunder Gun: Pit Crew Titans
[X] Tiny Ball vs Evil Devil
[X] Tiny Ball vs Evil Devil 2
[X] Tiny Dice Dungeon
[ ] Tiny Farm
[ ] Tiny Kingdom
[X] Tiny Robber Bob 2
[ ] Tiny Sheep
[X] Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops
[X] To-Fu: Trials of Chi
[X] To-Fu 2
[X] Tomoto Rush
[ ] Top Eleven
[ ] Top Farm
[X] Torch Runner
[ ] Township
[X] Towers & Dungeons
[X] Toy Drift
[X] Toy Mania!
[X] Treasure Trail
[X] Tree World
[X] Trials Frontier
[X] Trip Trap
[X] Triple Lab G
[X] Tripp's Adventures Free
[X] Tunes Up!
[ ] Tunnel Town
[ ] Ultima Forever
[X] Unblocked: Puzzle Park
[X] V for Vampire
[X] Vampire: Revange of the Hunter
[X] Vlad
[X] Webby: Sly Braiding
[ ] Where's my XiYangYang
[ ] Whirly's Windup Adventure
[X] Wimp: Who Stole My Pants?
[X] Wind-Up Knight
[ ] Windsquire: Race from Dragon Castle
[X] World War Z (Guerra Mundial Z)
[X] Worm vs Birds
[X] WreckMan: Rise of a Hero
[ ] Zen Pinball
[ ] Zenonia 5: Wheel of Destiny
[X] Zombie Cafe
[X] Zombie Hunter 3D
[X] Zombie Hunting (International)
[X] Zombie Puzzle Invasion
[X] Zombie Revolution
[X] Zombies Ate My Doctor
[X] Ztatiq
[X] Zuba
[X] Zuki's Quest
[ ] Zynga Poker

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iMiembro Pro 7G
iMiembro Pro 7G
Mensajes: 5052 Agradecido: 158
20 Sep 2013, 09:33# 2

Añadidos a la lista:


  • Dragon Finga
  • IM+
  • Jelly Splash
  • Pocket Climber
  • Skylanders: Lost Islands
  • The Tribez

  • Happy Street
  • Strength in Numbers
  • The Croods

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20 Sep 2013, 13:03# 3

Clan of clanes es compatible?????

Enviado desde mi GT-I9000 usando Tapatalk 2

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iMiembro Pro 7G
iMiembro Pro 7G
Mensajes: 5052 Agradecido: 158
25 Sep 2013, 19:17# 4
Añadidos nuevos juegos y aplicaciones.

Gracias  
iMiembro Pro 7G
iMiembro Pro 7G
Mensajes: 5052 Agradecido: 158
26 Sep 2013, 09:32# 5
luck555 escribió:Clan of clanes es compatible?????

Enviado desde mi GT-I9000 usando Tapatalk 2

No, no es compatible :(

Gracias  
iMiembro Pro 7G
iMiembro Pro 7G
Mensajes: 5052 Agradecido: 158
26 Sep 2013, 16:54# 6

Añadidos nuevos juegos y/o aplicaciones:


  • Activision Anthology
  • ArtStudio
  • Cat in a Diet
  • Cordy 2
  • Fruit'n Goblins
  • Paper
  • Reaper: Tale of a Pale Swordman
  • SlideShark

  • Clash of Clans

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iMiembro Pro 7G
iMiembro Pro 7G
Mensajes: 5052 Agradecido: 158
29 Sep 2013, 13:11# 7

¡Y la lista crece!

Añadidos nuevos juegos y/o aplicaciones:


  • Cowboy Guns
  • Dead Trigger
  • Downloader & Private Browser
  • Electric Tentacle
  • Fairy Farm
  • Gibbets 2
  • Hills of Glory 3D
  • Hungry Shark Evolution
  • Kumo Lumo
  • Layton Brothers: Mystery Room
  • Lep's World 2
  • Max Awesome
  • Snoopy Coaster
  • Tiny Bal vs Evil Devil
  • Tiny Bal vs Evil Devil 2
  • Unblocked: Puzzle Park

  • Rad Soldiers
  • Seabirds
  • Smile Plants
  • Tiny Farm
  • Zenonia 5: Wheel of Destiny

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iMiembro Pro 7G
iMiembro Pro 7G
Mensajes: 5052 Agradecido: 158
02 Oct 2013, 16:31# 8

Añadidos 27 juegos y/o aplicaciones más.

Un saludazo ;)

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iMiembro Pro 7G
iMiembro Pro 7G
Mensajes: 5052 Agradecido: 158
14 Oct 2013, 18:34# 9

Listado actualizado.

Un saludazo ;)

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iMiembro Pro 7G
iMiembro Pro 7G
Mensajes: 5052 Agradecido: 158
09 Nov 2013, 17:21# 10

¡Gran actualización!

Ahora la lista se compone de:
34 aplicaciones.
250 juegos.

¡A disfrutarlos!

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