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¿Qué aplicación de mapas offline me recomendáis para usar con el ipad ? ¿Alguien ha probado alguna en Berlín?

Un saludo y muchas gracias

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Te pongo algunas. Las que conozco.

Galileo Offline Maps (gratis)
Descarga de la iTunes Store

Probably the fastest map application ever in the AppStore.

This has never happened before - the "Galileo Offline Maps" now support a large number of different offline maps.

It's as simple as one-two-three:
1. Download the "Mobile Atlas Creator" desktop application to your computer from our site.
2. Create an offline map you want to browse offline.
3. Upload it to "Galileo Offline Maps" through iTunes and enjoy!
(For more details please go to

[!] To use imported offline maps on your device make sure you have purchased the "Import Maps from PC" feature for $1.99 and iOS 4 installed.

You can also browse online maps with the "Galileo Offline Maps".

Take our word, with Galileo Offline Maps you will never get lost!

We love your feedback so feel free to contact us directly via email ([email protected]) or say it out loud at

Map data (c) OpenStreetMap contributors, CC-BY-SA.

oMaps (offline maps) 1,59 €. Es para iPhone/IT compatible iPad
Descarga de iTunes Store
oMaps: offline Maps for iPhone and iPhone Touch.


Now you no longer need to be online to access maps you need.
oMaps lets you save maps and then access them even without an Internet connection.
Compatible also with the iPod touch, oMaps simply gives you faster access to the maps you need.

You can store the map displayed on screen (including inward zoom levels) for ANY AREA IN THE WORLD.

No more roaming fees while your are abroad.
No need anymore to buy preloaded maps for every city you want to visit.
Finally a full maps application for the iPod Touch.

- Map access (move and zoom like in built-in Maps application).
- Save portions (city-sized limit) of your maps and access them without internet connection.
- Search for places, cities, roads, points of interest and more.
- Display you current location

oMaps updates are free for users who had already bought oMaps.

** FAQ **

- Which source does oMaps use?
oMaps uses Openstreetmap or Cloudmade. They display not only map roads but also restaurants, ATM, bus stations, etc. Visit or for more information.
To change the map source: Go to your device Settings > oMaps > Map Source and select the one you want to use.

- I would prefer Google Maps as a source of maps. Is it possible?
No, Google Maps terms of use are very restrictive: caching Google Maps content is not allowed.

- Why can I only save a map while connected to Wifi?
Saving map might require to download a big amount of data. It would be more comfortable to use broadband Wifi connection rather than 3G or Edge. Moreover in some countries cellphone data plans are limited.

- Why does my map only save to a minimal zoom level?
A minimum zoom level is setup in order to limit downloading time and prevent overusing the device memory capacity. However, this minimum zoom level is usually enough to save a full city.

- How many maps can I save?
The number of maps you can save is UNLIMITED. However iPhone/iPod Touch memory is not infinite.

- Can oMaps locate my position offline?
If you have an iPhone: yes.
If you have an iPod Touch, you need to enable WiFi and have reachable networks in your area.

- Why can I not search off line?
The search feature has to access Cloudmade database to get results. Without a connection, the search function is disabled.

- What if my search gives me unexpected results?
For better results, use the following syntax: "number, street, city, country". For instance, "Amsterdam, Netherlands".
Languages other than English may lead to inappropriate results.

- Can I export my placemark coordinates to a computer?
Yes, there is an export feature for your placemarks. oMaps can send an email with a CSV file attached that contains coordinates of your placemarks.

More information at

City Maps 2Go 1,59 € Hay una versión Lite gratis.
Descarga de iTunes Store
Nueva versión 3! ★ Tarjeta offline con descargas ilimitadas gratuitas de más de 3.100 mapas. ★ Con GPS, función de búsqueda, puntos de interés y función bookmark. ¡Así como la versión nativa iPad!

„Aquí tengo no sólo mapas ilimitados, sino también la función de búsqueda de calles y POI inclusive. Todo totalmente offline. Esto no se encuentra en otros Apps o cuesta dinero extra!“, Reseña de cliente.

City Maps 2Go es el perfecto App offline para los que viajan. Ideal para iPod Touch, iPad y iPhone, en el extranjero o con mala cobertura. ¡No son necesarios ni red de móvil ni WiFi! Todos sus mapas importantes y POI siempre y en todas partes. ¡Orientar e informar nunca ha sido tan fácil!

★★★ 3.100 mapas – sin costes extras ★★★
(pedir „City Maps 2Go Lite“ probar con un mapa gratis)

✚ Descargar mapas – luego usar offline sin internet
✚ Encontrar la propia posición con GPS (iPhone 3G y 3GS)
✚ Buscar calles y puntos de interés
✚ Girar el mapa hacia la línea de visión (iPhone 3GS)
✚ Marcar los favoritos y señalar con pins
✚ Insertar los propios pins

Después de que el mapa ha sido descargado en su iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, no necesita ningún WiFi ni conexión a internet. Use cómodamente el mapa siempre y en todas partes, en su ciudad natal en el iPod o de viaje, sin tasas de roaming.

Más de 3.100 mapas de ciudades y regiones están disponibles. Y salen nuevos constantemente. También hay mapas de los destinos turísticos típicos.Visite nuestro sitio web para obtener una lista de mapas disponibles. haga clic en "Coverage"

Por ejemplo: Nueva York, Londres, París, Berlín, Hong Kong, Pekín, Munich, Roma, Barcelona, Singapur, Colonia, Bangkok, Viena, Hamburgo, Amsterdam, Venecia, San Francisco, Milán, Shanghai, Los Ángeles, Copenhague, Zurich, Düsseldorf, El Cairo, Toronto, Buenos Aires, Oslo, Frankfurt, Dubai, Florencia, Estambul, Lisboa, Praga, Tokio, Bruselas, Sydney, Manila, Seúl, Miami, Madrid

Los datos de los mapas proceden del OpenStreetMap. Es parecido a Wikipedia, son generados por los usuarios y ofrecen más informaciones que un simple mapa de calles. La disponibilidad y la profundidad de los contenidos e informaciones puede variar de ciudad a ciudad. Para preguntas acerca de la calidad del mapa, visite por favor

POR FAVOR,TENGA EN CUENTA: Para los dispositivos sin 3g, para la descarga única del mapa, necesita una conexión de WiFi. Una vez que el mapa se ha cargado en su aparato, ya no necesita más la conexión a internet.

¿Le falta una ciudad o los detalles del mapa son demasiado pequeños? Envíe un email a: [email protected]. ¡Podemos ayudarle muy rápidamente!

Y si te gustan los mapas topográficos...

Offline Topo Maps (gratis)
Descarga de iTunes Store

Offline Topo Maps is now totally free. Compare the functionality, speed, and ease-of-use of Offline Topo Maps to any paid topo app.

Offline Topo Maps helps you find your way even when you aren't connected. The app provides topo and road maps, as well as features useful for hiking, camping, biking, and other outdoor sports

* download maps of the entire world
- detailed MyTopo maps covering US/Canada
- international CloudMade shaded relief and road maps
- OpenStreetMap road maps
- CloudMade international cycle/topo maps

* mark waypoints and get guidance to and from places

* use metric, imperial, or nautical units

* display coordinates in Decimal, UTM, MGRS, DMS, or Decimal Minutes

* fully auto-rotatable for widescreen maps and other views

If you like Offline Topo Maps, also try Gaia GPS, our full-featured outdoor GPS app. You can try the free version, Gaia GPS Lite, and upgrade to the paid version if you like it. Gaia GPS includes many more features, such as GPS tracking, an extensive POI database, GPX imports, and more.




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Muchas gracias!!!

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retomo tema, alguna aplicación recomendable para ipad 2 wifi con jailbreaK?

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