Steve jobs dejó muchos deberes vía mail

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El segundo jucio que vuelve a enfrentar a Apple y Samsung por todos esos lios de patentes va a servir para que conozcamos detalles que, hasta el momento, la compañía guardaba con recelo. Y es que la transparencia del proceso les obliga a mostrar documentos como el que podréis leer ahora: un email enviado por Steve Jobs un año antes de su fallecimiento.

En dicho mail se recogen una serie de puntos que describen la estrategia de Apple y fue enviado a cien empleados de la compañía. En él podemos ver cómo hace alusión a una guerra santa contra Google, liderar esa era Post PC y mucho más.

Echad un vistazo porque no tiene desperdicio y hay puntos interesantes. Unos ejemplos:

- create low cost iPhone model based on iPod touch to replace 3GS
- Apple is in danger of hanging on to old paradigm too long (innovator’s dilemma)
- apps, browser, magic wand? (haciendo alusión al Apple TV)

Abrid el Spoiler para leer el email completo de Steve jobs:

From: Steve Jobs [email protected]
Date: October 24, 2010 6:12:41 PM PDT
To: ET [email protected]
Subject: Top 100 – A
Here’s my current cut.
1. 2011 Strategy – SJ
- who are we?
- headcount, average age, …
- VP count, senior promotions in last year
- percent new membership at this meeting
- what do we do?
- pie chart of units/product line and revenues/product line
- same charts with tablets + phones merged together
- Post PC era- Apple is the first company to get here
- Post PC products now 66% of our revenues
- iPad outsold Mac within 6 months
- Post PC era = more mobile (smaller, thinner, lighter) + communications + apps + cloud services
- 2011: Holy War with Google
- all the ways we will compete with them
- primary reason for this Top 100 meeting
- you will hear about what we’re doing in each presentation
- 2011: Year of the Cloud
- we invented Digital Hub concept
- PC as hub for all your digital assets
- contacts, calendars, bookmarks, photos, music, videos
- digital hub (center of our universe) is moving from PC to cloud
- PC now just another client alongside iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, …
- Apple is in danger of hanging on to old paradigm too long (innovator’s dilemma)
- Google and Microsoft are further along on the technology, but haven’t quite figured it out yet
- tie all of our products together, so we further lock customers into our ecosystem
- 2015: new campus
2. State of the Company
- Peter & Tim
- FY2010 recap
- FY2011 plan
- where is our business
- geo analysis (NA, Euro, Japan, Asia, possibly break out china) (present on map)
- key milestones, trends & future goals
- comparisons with Google, Samsung, HTC, Motorola & RIM3. iPhone
- Joz & Bob
- 2011 Strategy:
- “plus” iPhone 4 with better antenna, processor, camera & software to stay ahead of competitors until mid 2012
- have LTE version in mid–2012
- create low cost iPhone model based on iPod touch to replace 3GS
- Business & competitive update
- show Droid and RIM ads
- Verizon iPhone
- schedule, marketing, …
- iPhone 5 hardware
- H4 performance
- new antenna design, etc
- new camera
- schedule
- cost goal
- show model (and/or renderings)
- Jony
4. iPad – Bob, Jony, Dan Riccio, Michael Tchao ,Randy Ubillos, Xander Soren, Roger Rosner
- 2011 Strategy: ship iPad 2 with amazing hardware and software before our competitors even catch up with our current model
- Business & competitive update – Michael
- Apps, corporate adoption, …
- show Samsung, HP(?) anf iPad ads
- 2011 Product Roadmap
- Bob, Dan & Jony
- iPad 2
- new ID, H4, UMTS + Verizon in one model, cameras, …
- EVT units & cases
- HDMI dongle (use for projection of demos below?)
- iPad 3
- display, H4T
- DEMOS:- PhotoBooth (Michael?)
- iMovie (Randy)
- GarageBand (Xander)
- text book authoring system (Roger)
- working display for iPad 3 (during break)
5. iOS – Scott, Joz
- Strategy: catch up to Android where we are behind (notifications, tethering, speech, …) and leapfrog them (Siri, …)
- Timeline of iOS releases from first until Telluride, including Verizon
- Jasper tent poles
- Durango tent poles (without MobileMe)
- Telluride tent poles (with “catch up” and “leapfrog” notations on each one)
- Jasper: AirPlay to AppleTV – video from iPad, photos from iPhone, ??
- Durango: ?? (without MobileMe features)
- Telluride: Siri, ?
6. MobileMe – Cue, SJ, Roger Rosner
- Strategy: catch up to Google cloud services and leapfrog them (Photo Stream, cloud storage)
- Android
- deeply integrates Google cloud services
- way ahead of Apple in cloud services for contacts, calendars, mail
- 2011
- Apple’s year of the cloud
- tie all of our products together
- make Apple ecosystem even more sticky
- Free MobileMe for iPhone 4, iPad and new iPod touch
- Jasper – Sign up with Apple ID, Find My iPhone
- Durango
- Find My Friends, Calendar, Contacts, Bookmarks, Photo Stream
- April
- iWork cloud storage
- Telluride
- cloud storage for third party apps
- iOS backup
- new iDisk for Mac
- Growth
- projected growth, cost/user
- plan to scale to 100 million users
- transition plan for paid members
- what about email?
- Find My Friends
- Calendar
- Photo Stream
- iWork cloud storage (Roger Rosner)
7. Mac
- David Moody, Bob, Craig Federigi, Randy Ubilos & ?
- Hardware roadmap
- Lion plan
- Mac App Store
- Final Cut Pro DEMO (Randy & ?)
8. Apple TV 2- David Moody, Jeff Robbin
- Strategy: stay in the living room game and make a great “must have” accessory for iOS devices
- sales so far, projections for this holiday season
- add content:- NBC, CBS, Viacom, HBO, …
- TV subscription?
- where do we go from here?
- apps, browser, magic wand?
9. Stores Update – Eddy, Patrice
- Music
- Strategy: Leap even further ahead of Google in music
- Beatles
- iTunes in the cloud
- App Store
- Strategy: Leap even further ahead of Google in discovering great new iOS apps
10. iAds Update – Andy Miller
11. Retail Update – Ron Johnson

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