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iMiembro 3G
iMiembro 3G
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19 May 2011, 14:28# 1

DropDav será de pago a partir de ahora. Hay alguna alternativa gratuita de conectar desde iPad a Dropbox via webDav???? Y como se hace ????


Hello from DropDAV!

MAY 19, 2011
Briefly, We've Made Some Important Changes

Regarding pricing, DropDAV now costs $5-per-month for everyone. We've made some major hardware upgrades and completely overhauled our WebDAV engine. We think the incredible performance gains we've seen in testing, along with the much better support for a wide variety of popular WebDAV clients, make Version 2.0 of DropDAV a bargain. Read on for more details.

More About DropDAV Version 2.0

We'd like to quickly let you know about what's been going on over here. After three months of work, we silently upgraded the DropDAV server to Version 2.0 of our WebDAV code. It's really great. In a nut, you can expect speeds twice as fast as when we launched, perfected support for International alphabets, and improved cooperation with the most popular WebDAV clients (including OmniFocus sync and the OmniGroup family of products). Read the State of DropDAV at Version 2.0 at https://dropdav.com/v2.

More About New Pricing

To support the hundreds of man-hours that went into the new version, and majorly improved infrastructure, we're transitioning away from a "freemium" pricing model. Starting today, we ask all of our users pay $5 per month. We're confident you'll get more than $5 in value from the incredible improvements baked into Version 2.0. Current free users are transitioning with a 14-day free trial starting today. Go ahead and give our WebDAV servers a thorough testing with all your favorite WebDAV-integrated apps to experience the improvements we've made. If you don't renew, after 14 days your account will expire automatically. Paid customers will transition when their pre-paid 3-month terms end. Both can enable auto-renew, or make a pre-payment, anytime by visiting https://dropdav.com/users/billing. You can read more about our new pricing at https://dropdav.com/pricing.

We Still Love Hearing From You

We'd love to hear your feedback. You can reply to this email if you'd like to get in touch. Let us know about any bugs you've found, or concerns you have about our new flat-rate pricing plan. As always, we're available on Twitter @DropDAV, or by email sent to [email protected].

We highly value the sanctity of your email inbox. This is the first newsletter we've sent since we launched five months ago. We don't anticipate emailing all of our users like this again.

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