Spectrum - Radio wave visualization

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Have you ever wondered how the radio waves look like in our digital world?

Spectrum is an advanced radio-wave visualization generator for antennas, cellular signals, sattelites, Wi-Fi's and any other communication signals that exist around you.
Spectrum generates all these digital signals that the human eye can't see into a high-detailed live 360 representation.

Rotating you device, you will see different objects on your screen. Pointing on each one of them it will be marked red with the current information such name, provider, description etc. It includes more than 20 million Wi-Fi routers, 10 million cellular antenna towers, and 800 satellites based on open global databases.

Discover the hidden digital world with Spectrum!

iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1064165329
Website: http://www.spectrum.e-papadakis.gr

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